Portraits of Becoming

Celebrate your personal growth and honor your life's journey with this unique blend of a photoshoot and an intimate conversation


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Whether you are about to change your career plan, relationship status, move to another city or country, step outside of your comfort zone and proclaim your authority in your own life – every step towards your true self and happiness is so worth celebrating and giving yourself a credit for.

I offer my portraiture sessions to people who want to discover their true power and become confident about their natural authenticity. 

AsUdAre are my in-studio sessions and #Darewalk are for those of you who’d like to be photographed outdoors.

Both options of course assume us having a conversation about what matters to you the most right now – your journey of becoming your true self.

Learn more about my philosophy and technique

Key Elements of my Photographic Style


I am big fan of minimalism and simplicity of lines, styling, posing and editing. I also prefer shooting in natural light as much as I can. The idea is to minimize any external influence on our perception of the subject's personality.


Whether we are shooting outdoors or indoors there will always be a notion of movement in the images, either physical or emotional. The subject is always thinking, feeling, experiencing, moving. The images are most of the times not staged.


This is the key to my work for I am not interested in taking photos of the "facade". What I am particularly drawn to is your nature and essence, therefore the connection we establish during the shoot it essential. And it is always felt in the images. 

The Greatest Inspiration

Henry Cartier-Bresson in conversation with Alain Desvergnes (1979)

"I am interested in only one aspect of photography. There are many more, but the thing that moves me is looking at life, a kind of never ending questioning and an immediate answer. This photography is a kind of intuitive thing that sticks to reality and comes from a very deep place within; it is about imposing yourself. Rene Char wrote somewhere about poetry that some people invent and others discover. These are two different worlds. These two aspects also exist in photography. I am only interested in people who discover; I feel solidarity for those who go for discoveries; for me, there is much more risk involved in that than in trying to completely fabricate images. And in the end, reality is so much richer."

Frequntly Asked Questions



How long are your sessions

My in studio sessions are normally 2hrs long and #darewalk sessions are between 1.5 and 2.5 hrs long.


How should I prepare?

There is no particular preparation required from you. The only thing that I ask for is to be open to having a conversation with me during the shoot since it's the foundation of my technique.


What should I wear?

I generally recommend you wear solid colors as opposed to prints. as prints sometimes take too much attention and distract the viewer from the main focus of the photo (your expression).
During our session we will have enough time to shoot up to 3 changes of outfits, so i's always good to bring some options.


Is your approach to photography any different from other photographers?

It might be different from what you have experienced before. And the main difference is that we do not come up with an imaginary story or look or scenario for our photoshoot. What happens is that I observe you, create a comfortable environment and capture you as you are. It's a discovery process for both us.


How soon will I get my pictures back?

The preview gallery with all of the color corrected images is normally sent to you within 2 days after the shoot. And the turnaround for edited or enhanced images is within 1 week.


Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes! Please feel free to contact me, and I'll be happy to design a unique gift certificate for you and your loved ones!