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My name is Dasha Dare. I am an artist living and working in NYC.  Having originally started in photography, the scope of my work and interests has now expanded far beyond visual art.  Among others my creative services include human potential life coaching, art projects creation, writing and public speaking. This website is my attempt to get us acquainted and give you an idea of what kind of work I do and why.  Thank you for stepping by!  

All Is One Project

All Is One is a multi-media art project that provocatively profiles our collective pandemic experience in 2020. The pandemic has shed light on our country’s inability to speak openly about important issues surrounding race, class, politics and mental health. Driven by my own previous inability to have meaningful conversations about these quasi-taboo topics, I created an art project encouraging New Yorkers to exercise their freedom of speech without fear of judgment, all the while hearing the voices and opinions of those around them.

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