Hello and Welcome!

My name is Dasha Dare. I am a professional artist, photographer and a life coach living and working in NYC, driven by the desire to better understand our human nature and the mind/body connection.

As a photographer, the goal of my work with the creative thinkers and change makers is to see and capture their super power - the compassionate heart. 

As a life coach, I partner with high-performing individuals to help them align their Heart+Mind with their True North and experience life to the fullest.

As an artist, the goal of my latest art project was to bring together photography and the art of conversation and create an immersive experience for the audience that would promote self-reflection and processing of feelings and thoughts that might have been unfelt.

Get to know me

All Is One Project

All Is One is a multi-media art project that looks at loneliness through the prism of our collective pandemic experience in 2020 with an overarching goal to foster togetherness despite the seeming separation.