Getting to know me

As you look through the pages of my site, you’ll get a feeling of one common thread connecting the dots across all of my projects and services aiming to raise questions of self-discovery, human potential and identification (individual or collective).

The reason for it is my own identity crisis that happened several years ago splitting my life in before and after and leading to a massive transformation and self-discovery. Ever since then I have re-purposed everything I do to serve the idea of helping other people find their way, feel confident in their own skin and be fearless about following their heart.

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My Philosophy

Possessing and embracing your true power should be an effortless state of being. In other words, you don't need to be extra, push yourself and pretend in order to prove or manifest your own uniqueness.

Whether through my photography, coaching sessions, art projects or collaborations I'd like to empower you to seek your own voice and its unique expression in life, and really own it.


Conversation is one of the main instruments in my tool box for it allows me to connect with people faster and on a more profound level, use my intuition and focus to "see" without being intrusive and invasive.

I have always believed there is something incredibly human in the desire of one person to get to know another. And the more i think about our world the more I realize we need to spend more time practicing being real humans in order to succeed in this digital age.

Short Artist Bio

Dasha Dare is a NYC-based portrait photographer and artist. She was born and raised in Russia and moved to the US 12 years ago as an international student. Her artistic journey has started later in life after having completed 2 bachelors degrees in Business, and a certificate program in digital photography at NYFA.  Over the last 10 years Dasha has explored various photography genres, worked with a number of commercial and corporate clients, and spent time defining her current niche in portraiture and art projects.  

2016 – Group Show “Beauty Undefined”, NYC 2017 – Solo show “Umbrellas” , NYC 2018 – Nominee @ Fine Art Photography Awards 2019 – AD Arts Show Awards Finalist with “Furniture Chronicles” Project 2020 – Invitation to be part of NY ArtExpo 202 as a guest artist to present a brand new art project aiming to address the questions of our collective identity. Due to Pandemic, NY ArtExpo was postponed.