My Story
Who Is Dasha Dare?

I am a NYC-based human working in the fields of photography and life coaching, with a goal of helping people free themselves from limiting self-images and re-create the identity they desire for themselves.

I was born and raised in the family of two university professors in Soviet Russia. My earliest childhood memories are of my parents spending evenings conversing in the kitchen, debating with their intelligentsia friends, and playing jazz records.

Now, looking back, I think it is almost inevitable for a person growing up in the environment where material and financial wealth was substituted with the wealth of ideas and creativity, to view a conversation as the highest art form and to hold a very special place in the heart for the visionaries and the creative thinkers.

I moved to the US approximately 16 years ago, received two (2) Bachelor’s degrees – one in Business Administration and the other one in HR management, and worked in small businesses and corporate America for approximately 10 years as an executive assistant to some of the most brilliant people I know. 


However, I was never able to completely suppress my longing for doing creative work from the very childhood years. And after attending New York Film Academy where I studied photography and taking a number of various art courses I decided to turn my passion into a part-time and later on full-time career. 

It is through my 1:1 portrait photography work I first discovered my ability to create space for people to be free and safe at the same time, resulting in the most honest and candid portraits.

My fascination with the beauty of human nature has later brought me to the Human Potential Institute where I studied to become a certified life coach. That period of my life has marked the beginning of my “Time to Dare ” coaching practice.

I am a proud member of ICF (International Coaching Federation) and hold an ACC credential with them. 

Additionally I am a longtime meditation practitioner, certified vinyasa yoga instructor and a jazz fan, who just recently started taking piano lessons.

My current area of study and interest lies at the intersection of self-image, embodied cognition, and creation of meaning.