My Story

Side notes:

I was born and raised in the family of two university professors in Soviet Russia. My earliest childhood memories are of my parents spending evenings conversing in the kitchen, debating with their intelligentsia friends, and playing jazz.

Later on I remember myself watching my parents perform in front of the audience from the last row of the university classroom, as well as talking to my father about big dreams and seeing him writing his Ph.D thesis.

Now, looking back, I think it is almost inevitable for a person growing up in the environment where material and financial wealth was substituted with the wealth of ideas and creativity, to view a conversation as the highest art form and to hold a very special place in the heart for the visionaries and the creative thinkers.

Good to know about me:
  • Professional artist and photographer
  • Certified vinyasa yoga instructor
  • Human Potential Coach
  • to be ICF certified 2021
  • Meditation practitioner
  • Jazz Fan
Areas of my interest and study:
  • creativity and improvisation
  • felt sense and intuition
  • decision making
  •  creation of meaning
  • state of flow
Where I studied:
  • Human Potential Institute
  • New York Film Academy
  • New Jersey City University
  • Samara State Tech University