Experiential Life Coaching programs that give practical instruments to support your self-discovery journey.

Time To Dare


A unique coaching framework I developed is formed by three pillars of my studies: mindfulness, creativity, and embodiment, backed by scientific research from the fields of neuroscience and embodied cognition.

It is individually adjusted to your particular needs and story. Every session includes a mindfullness practice and an experiential exercise for you to use in your daily life.


- Explore your innate creativity
- Learn to improvise and be free to be yourself
- Create the vision for your life


- Cultivate the state of presence
- Achieve mind/body alignment
- Self-regulate overthinking


- Reconnect with self
- Develop self-trust and self-confidence
- Self-regulate emotional overwhelm


Feels Great To Be Heard

Thank you soo very much dearest!
It feels absolutely great to be heard.
You are doing a very noble work and for that Im forever grateful.
I feel better and better after each call.
Thank you for putting things in perspective and making it easy to see everything from the brighter side.

01 - 04

Visualization Practice

Whenever we would be working through a problem or digging into the past, Dasha would usually ask me to close my eyes and describe the picture I am seeing. I truly think that adding visuals into the process helped a lot. Not only has it given me an opportunity to see the picture from a bigger perspective, but also to realize that we are only limited by our own vision or beliefs. The way we feel about certain moments in our life is just a reflection ourselves and we could always take control and change our vision.

02 - 04

New Practices and Habits

Thanks to our practices, I started journaling (almost) on a daily basis and I definitely noticed a positive shift in my perception of life. In addition to journaling I have also started to wonder what brought me simple joy when I was little and it brought me back to practice piano on my own.
In our last session Dasha asked me to picture myself after 5 years from now and it really motivated me to move forward and stop procrastinating at certain things.

03 - 04

More clarity and less overthinking

First of all I would like to thank you for these sessions and a super valuable time that we spent together.
As for changes, I noticed that I have more clarity in the topics that we discussed and I feel more in control. It helped me to understand how to separate my emotions from overthinking and notice the moment where I purely feel rather than just create scenarios in my head. It helped me to recognize physical changes in my body when negative thoughts are present and redirect my thoughts towards positive inner feelings or analyze where these negative thoughts are coming from and how to fix them practically over time. During the homeworks I realized that simple time management can solve many problems and that it is possible to see the improvement/results in one week and get motivated by small changes.
I will continue practicing my homework:)

04 - 04

Why "Time to Dare"

How my method relates to my background?

Most of my life I felt like I had to dare to be myself and choose what feels right – whether it was a choice of career, relationship, a place to live or words to say. 

Born and raised in Russia (Soviet Union), I moved to the US approximately 13 years ago, received two (2) Bachelor’s degrees – one in Business Administration and the other one in HR management. However I have always longed for doing creative work which has resulted in me studying at New York Film Academy and turning my long term passion for photography into a career. 

I’ve worked as a professional portrait photographer for about 10 years,  which has given me the important experience of working with people 1:1 and perpetually inspired my curiosity about human nature.

Hence I was thrilled to follow my calling and study at Human Potential Institute to become a certified life coach.  Additionally, I am a long time meditation practitioner and certified vinyasa yoga instructor, and cannot imagine my coaching work without using instruments from mindfulness practices.  

Today most of my life coaching clients come to me because they feel ready to dare in any aspect of their life but don’t know whether it’s actually possible.  This is why I have developed my DareMethod and Time to Dare program to help people experience their own potential and take some practical steps to be more themselves in life. 

The Ways We Can Work Together

1:1 Coaching
Group/Team Coaching
Custom Coaching Programs Design and Development
Public Speaking


Human Experience At Work

Authentic Relating

Feelings at Work

Embodied Cognition and Stress Response