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I am not going to surprise you by saying that our 3d material world is very limited. And if you have already arrived at a certain level of financial freedom, then you know for sure 2 truths:
1 - money doesn't buy happiness.
2 - everything you have in the material world can be lost in a blink of an eye.

For those of us who have reached their ceiling and can touch it with their hands there are 2 obvious ways I foresee - stay where you are and expand horizontally, by doing same things but calling them different names. Or - tap into sources of knowledge, other than your mind, and expand vertically and multi-dimensionally into the unknown (speaking of 5d consciousness).

The core of my work is in helping you develop your intuitive side, reconnect with inner source of knowing, reclaim your authority and become comfortable navigating between 3d and 5d consciousness.

Please note: I don't work with everyone.
Prior to considering signing a retainer agreement with me - we will need to schedule an intro call as I need to make sure I can “See” you and “read” what is present for you.

#DareMethod and Self-Image

It might sound very controversial coming from a photographer who has been working with images for the last 10+ years, but the most important skill for all of us to develop in the coming years is self-liberation from any mental images we have of ourselves and others.

If you trace back the history of the world it becomes very apparent that we’ve been assigning a lot of value to the physical image, to appearance, to the power of mind over any immaterial, intuitive and imaginary realms of being which essentially contributed to the growing separation among people.

The core idea behind DareMethod is creation of a physical image of you and assignment of a meaning to it based on what you feel and not what you see. Therefore you train yourself to shift the power dynamics from mind to heart and body intelligence.

The benefits of such work among others include - the fresh perspective on yourself, new self-image, liberation from the old one, reestablished relationship with self, opening up to your own intuition. Self-discovery. And a long-lasting memory of that moment imprinted in a physical photograph.

“In all our relationships each one of us builds an image about the other and these two images have relationship, not the human beings themselves… The actual relationship between two human beings or between many human beings completely ends when there is the formation of images.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known


A journey of self expansion and self exploration

Dasha helped me to shine a mirror inside my soul and reconnect with myself. I always feel like a new person after speaking to her—I leave each session feeling empowered and optimistic. She guides you on a journey of self expansion and self exploration, always offering intelligent and observant insight immediately. She offers you tools to overcome your own challenges.

01 - 06

I was able to untangle knots I didn't think were possible to untie and expand my self-awareness.

Coaching with Dasha has been transformational. I was able to untangle knots I didn't think were possible to untie and expand my self-awareness. One thought exercise called 'freedom, and..' allowed me to let go of deep-rooted habits that were usurping my energy. Dasha is an unconditional coach. She showed up to each session fully prepared and ready to connect, full of intuition and knowledge on how to guide and navigate our dialogue. She followed up our sessions with helpful voice notes, and often times during our sessions I would tell her - 'I can't describe it, something about your energy is so deeply helpful.' Our work together catapulted me forward. I discovered Dasha by following her photography Instagram, and lucked out in finding an exceptionally perceptive and fluent coach.

02 - 06

Transformative experience, WOW!!

I wanted to try 1:1 coaching for a long time but something was holding me back until I met Dasha and it just felt right. Her energy, presence, care and love for what she does took me over. And she helped me to transform my life, look inside and see what’s holding me back, what limiting believes/behaviors are holding me back and supported me in taking an aligned action. I had so many breakthroughs, aha moments, realizations and now I am on the way to live my dream life, taking action towards my goals and transforming my life. So grateful! Invaluable experience. Thank you Dasha so much for doing what you do!

03 - 06

Feels Great To Be Heard

Thank you soo very much dearest!
It feels absolutely great to be heard.
You are doing a very noble work and for that Im forever grateful.
I feel better and better after each call.
Thank you for putting things in perspective and making it easy to see everything from the brighter side.

04 - 06

New Practices and Habits

Thanks to our practices, I started journaling (almost) on a daily basis and I definitely noticed a positive shift in my perception of life. In addition to journaling I have also started to wonder what brought me simple joy when I was little and it brought me back to practice piano on my own.

05 - 06

More clarity and less overthinking

First of all I would like to thank you for these sessions and a super valuable time that we spent together.
As for changes, I noticed that I have more clarity in the topics that we discussed and I feel more in control. It helped me to understand how to separate my emotions from overthinking and notice the moment where I purely feel rather than just create scenarios in my head. It helped me to recognize physical changes in my body when negative thoughts are present and redirect my thoughts towards positive inner feelings or analyze where these negative thoughts are coming from and how to fix them practically over time. During the homeworks I realized that simple time management can solve many problems and that it is possible to see the improvement/results in one week and get motivated by small changes.
I will continue practicing my homework:)

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The Art of Feeling Seen & Relaxing into your Greatness

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