Time to Dare

Experiential Life Coaching programs for highly accomplished individuals who feel ready to Dare to be more themselves and need practical solutions and real proof it's possible for them to thrive after making the leap.

The nature of creative mind

Finding that balance

It makes it much easier for me to relate to the struggles of the creative minds and deep thinkers while looking through the prism of my obsession with the new ideas, and close familiarity with the feeling of loneliness the life of an artist can be permeated by.

In the midst of my own search for the ways I can balance my life and experience life to the fullest (including life outside of creative work ;) I was very lucky to get into study of presence based coaching, meditation, music, and focusing technique.

As a result, I am now able to use my mind (logical thinking) on demand and I can rely on intuition and felt sense in my decision making to save a lot of time and bring me into presence whenever I need it.

Seeing what a profound effect my study has had on me, I am excited to share my knowledge with the like minded original thinkers and change makers of the world who wish to experience life to the fullest while keeping their flow state intact and serving their greater purpose.


The coaching framework I develop lays at the intersection of three pillars of my studies: mindfulness, creativity, and embodiment.

It is individually adjusted to every particular client's needs and level of commitment to experiencing life to the fullest.

I am incredibly passionate about this work and I truly believe it’s been making a difference in the lives of my clients already.

This method allows you to access and experience your true potential, develop intuition and understand you own authenticity blueprint, connect to your inner navigation system and never get lost again.

Creativity and State of Flow

- Use your innate creativity to experience your full potential
- Understand your unique state of Flow and the ways it can be achieved
- Discover the benefits of improvisation as it relates to development of intuition

Mindfulness and Decision Making

- Cultivate the state of presence
- Understand your decision making pattern
- Reduce decision making time and ease the process
- Understand the mind/body relationship in decision making

Intuition and Felt Sense

- Explore the nature of feelings of resistance and fear
- Find out what your somatic markers are
- Develop intuition to help with decision making
- Develop self-trust and self-confidence

As a result of our partnership you will be able to:

- Connect with your inner navigation system and never get lost again.
- Make choices and decisions that are aligned with what serves you the most.
- Experience life fully - with all of your senses and reconnect with your body.
- Understand the core beliefs that are limiting you and create the new ones.

- Overcome fears and worries and relax into your life.
- Cultivate presence and mindfulness.
- Spend less time overthinking, making lists and spreadsheets.
- Understand the state of your creative flow and explore your potential.


Feels Great To Be Heard

Thank you soo very much dearest!
It feels absolutely great to be heard.
You are doing a very noble work and for that Im forever grateful.
I feel better and better after each call.
Thank you for putting things in perspective and making it easy to see everything from the brighter side.

01 - 04

Visualization Practice

Whenever we would be working through a problem or digging into the past, Dasha would usually ask me to close my eyes and describe the picture I am seeing. I truly think that adding visuals into the process helped a lot. Not only has it given me an opportunity to see the picture from a bigger perspective, but also to realize that we are only limited by our own vision or beliefs. The way we feel about certain moments in our life is just a reflection ourselves and we could always take control and change our vision.

02 - 04

New Practices and Habits

Thanks to our practices, I started journaling (almost) on a daily basis and I definitely noticed a positive shift in my perception of life. In addition to journaling I have also started to wonder what brought me simple joy when I was little and it brought me back to practice piano on my own.
In our last session Dasha asked me to picture myself after 5 years from now and it really motivated me to move forward and stop procrastinating at certain things.

03 - 04

More clarity and less overthinking

First of all I would like to thank you for these sessions and a super valuable time that we spent together.
As for changes, I noticed that I have more clarity in the topics that we discussed and I feel more in control. It helped me to understand how to separate my emotions from overthinking and notice the moment where I purely feel rather than just create scenarios in my head. It helped me to recognize physical changes in my body when negative thoughts are present and redirect my thoughts towards positive inner feelings or analyze where these negative thoughts are coming from and how to fix them practically over time. During the homeworks I realized that simple time management can solve many problems and that it is possible to see the improvement/results in one week and get motivated by small changes.
I will continue practicing my homework:)

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